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21 Jan


Professional staff

21/01/2015 | By |

This is Crystal from Amy Cardiology. Firstly, let me thanks to all the staffs in ACSS. They are so polite and perfessional. The reasons I write this is that I feel a lot after I used the sotware (called eClaims) for a couple of weeks. There are few things I would like to comment on:

1. Fast installation and setup;
2. Staff gave clear user training and explain in different ways for users to obtain the knowledge quick;
3. Easy product use. Although I never use this product before, I found it is pretty easy to use and easy to do the daily tasks. I can just say: I do while I learn and no more stress;
4. Fast get back from the support and help desk. I been experienced with many times that I always get call back very soon from ACSS. Staffs always solve problems in maximum few minutes. They answer my questions in a very polite manner and very patient to help me to solve all the problems.
5. Payment for those claims usually takes just one working day for us, Maximum just two days. It is so fast to get paid.

Finally, many thanks to all staffs in ACSS.

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