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21 Jan


User friendly program

21/01/2015 | By |

Pacific Day Surgery has changed from a Unix based system to a Windows based system (SimDay®). The staff members who were less familiar with computers were concerned with learning a new program but by the end of the first day of training these staff members were confident and competent with SimDay® as this is a very user friendly program.

When training new staff we find that people pick the program up in a matter of days. There is no need to get a representative to come in and train new staff but if needed we would be able to organize this.

Whenever any problems occur or help is needed SimDay® assistance is always readily available, even when our facility is opened at 7am when normal business hours are from 9am. If assistance is unavailable our phone calls are always returned promptly.

SimDay® is beneficial to our facility as we are able to locate and track the stages of a patient without consulting with another member or staff. It is easy to determine if a patient is yet to arrive, admitted, discharged, billed and coded without going to different screens. SimDay® is also used by our accounts department and nursing staff not just the reception.

Our facility would recommend Simday® to other businesses as we are very happy with the program and service provider from ACSS.

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