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Medical Billing and Management Made Easy.
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Medical Billing, made easy

Submit your claims from as little as $25 a month

Our eClaims monthly plan offers you access to online claiming for Medicare,  Veterans Affairs and health funds at a very low entry point (starting at $25 + GST a month), suited to part-time health providers or low-volume practices.

If you have large volumes, don’t worry. We also have a solution for you. We have some fixed pricing options for you.


Claiming Solutions for Medicare and Veterans Affairs

Get paid within 2-3 working days for Medicare (bulk bill) and DVA claims (excluding pathology claims — these take 14 days). Our billing software works for all disciplines. Whether you are a GP, specialist, allied health professional, community nurse, pathologist, radiologist, surgeon, surgical assistant, or VMO, we have you covered.

If you charge more than the Medicare or Veterans rate, you can send the invoice to Medicare using Patient Claims, so that your patients can get their rebates directly into their bank accounts without having to fill out any forms to claim their rebates. However, this only applies if you charge the patient an MBS item number. We recommend you ask the patient to pay the full amount on the day, you then send the invoice to Medicare using eClaims, then Medicare will receive this information and deposit the rebate into the patient’s bank account within 2 business days. This way, the patient is not out of pocket for long (2 days), and you have your money on the day and don’t have any debtors to chase up later.



Send invoices to the health funds for your in-hospital services using ECLIPSE

If you provide services in-hospital, use eClaims to send your patient invoices to the health funds using ECLIPSE. Sending your invoices via ECLIPSE rather than manually (paper) means:

  • You will receive an acknowledgement from the health fund within 5 business days, advising if the invoice will be accepted or rejected
  • If you receive a rejected message, you will get a reason for the rejection. Knowing about a rejection means you can deal with it promptly and improve your cash flow
  • If your claim is accepted, expect to see the funds drop into your bank account over the coming weeks. The max time the funds should take to pay you is 4 weeks.


Got Workers Comp and other claim types?

You can use eClaims to raise patient invoices to send to Insurers or any third party. These invoices are not sent electronically via Medicare Online or ECLIPSE. You will need to send them manually, but having these raised in eClaims means you can easily see what’s been invoiced and what’s still outstanding.



Online Eligibility Checking

Minimise rejections from Medicare and the health funds by checking the patient’s health fund and Medicare eligibility prior to providing the service.



Financial Reports

Get the numbers about your practice instantly. Know your daily or weekly revenue.

If you currently send your claims manually, one of your biggest challenges is knowing what is still outstanding. With eClaims, you can run a report anytime to see what’s still outstanding.


How to bill a bulk bill voucher in eClaims


How to bill an ECLIPSE inpatient medical claim in eClaims


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