SimDay Training

General day to day reception work (pre go live)

This training is usually conducted over a 2 week PRIOR to your go live date, broken into small 1-2 hour remote training sessions.

  • How to add an episode, essentially how to build your theatre list
  • How to create a new patient
  • How to edit an episode and patient details
  • How to record an excess or payment upfront
  • How to remove an incorrect excess
  • How to admit/discharge a patient
  • How to enter theatre information e.g. surgical nurse, times in and out of theatre
  • How to remove an episode
  • How to print: labels, theatre list, theatre register
  • How to reprint invoices
  • How to un-admit/un-discharge an episode
  • Different ways of searching for a patient within SimDay
  • How to do an OEC (eligibility)
  • How to send SMS reminders (if you plan to use that feature, sms credits do cost extra) 

Billing Training

Usually done 1-3 days, AFTER your go live or whenever you want to start billing.

  • How to bill various scenarios e.g. case base, fee for service, uninsured
  • How to ensure the excess is linked to the invoice, and what to do if it is not
  • How to submit the invoice via ECLIPSE or paperbase
  • How to look at the account details once invoiced
  • How to edit an invoice

End of Month

This is usually done the following month, in the first week.

Example if you went live on the 1st Feb, then this would be done in the first week of March.

  • How to close of the month
  • Implications of closing of the month
  • Reports to run end of month
    • e.g. Did we bill everyone for the previous month?
    • Revenue report
    • Debtors report
    • Number of episodes for the previous month
    • Trial Balance

Data Extracts

This is done in the first or second week of the following month of going live.

Example if you went live on the 1st Feb, then this would be done in the first week of March.

  • PHDB data
  • HCP data
  • Cancer Register
  • State e.g. PHISCO for NSW etc

Reconciling / Payments

This training is done, once the first couple of payments arrive.

  • How to process payments in bulk and one off payments
  • Recap of debtors report
  • Coding (done anytime your coder comes in)
  • How to code
  • How to edit coding
  • How to run the DRG
  • How to run a report of which episodes need coding etc