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Day Hospital Management Software


Being ECLIPSE enabled means you can:

  • Submit Online Eligibility Checks; no more calling the funds nor filling out patient data on the funds website
  • Submit claims electronically to the funds
  • Check the assessment of your claims within 24 hours, so you can deal with any rejections promptly
  • Receive payment from the funds within 4 weeks, sometimes quicker

Scanning and Word Processing

Create patient documents and reports saved against the patient’s record with a WYSIWYG editor. Also import files into the patient record, such as PDF files or Word documents.

Statutory Monthly Reporting

Sending your monthly data off to the various health departments is made easy and effortless each month. SimDay checks your data for any missing mandatory fields and provides you with a list of episodes that need attention and the actual field and in which screen to fix the issue.
Submission of data to the various departments of health should only take a couple of minutes.

  • PHDB: Private Hospital Data Bureau
  • HCP: Hospital Casemix Protocol
  • State Health: NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, WA, ACT, TAS
  • Cancer Registry
  • HoNOS: Psychiatric Hospitals

Print your Theatre register. No more books!

It is an accreditation requirement to keep a daily record of episodes in a Theatre Register. You can create your own custom designed Theatre Register in SimDay. Print it daily and file away. No need to keep manual records in a traditional Theatre Register book.

Keep your data!

If you are using an existing software package, you do not need to lose all your data. We have and can create custom import routines to bring across patients, episodes and financials. Talk to us to see what is possible with your existing data.

Reduce billing errors and maximise revenue

Enter your insured and uninsured rates into SimDay for accommodation, theatre, episodic MBS, and episode DRG payments.
Reduce staff billing errors to zero. Let SimDay take control and create your invoices as set by your contract. The reduction in billing errors means quicker processing of claims by the funds, less time spent on administration and maximising your facility revenue.

All in One Admission and Theatre Screen

By far SimDay’s most popular feature. Having the admission and theatre screens all in one means all daily reception functions are at your finger tips, which ultimately means less time on administration and more time on patient care.
From the one screen, you can:

  • book patients in
  • admit patients
  • discharge patients
  • code and group episodes
  • bill patients
  • send SMS reminders
  • create quotes for patients
  • print labels, theatre register, and much more.

Informed Financial Consent

Provide your patients with a complete informed financial consent form showing the patient any out of pocket expenses, within seconds.
You can create various Informed Financial Consent templates with different layouts and wording.

Reports, Reports, and More Reports

SimDay is loaded with reports such as:

  • Revenue Reports by Fund, Surgeon, Specialty, MBS, DRG
  • Trial Balance
  • Debtors Report
  • Detailed Transaction Reports
  • Length of Stay Reports
  • Incomplete data report by coding, grouper, theatre data
  • ICD Report
  • Duplicate Patients Report

…and much much more!


SimDay connects with the following hospital tools:

  • Visicode by Resolutions Int
  • 3M grouper
  • Visasys grouper
  • DOX medical records
  • Endobase by Olympus

Here To Help

Our support team will be available every step of the way, from importing your data from your existing PAS (if required), to face-to-face training, phone and email support, as well as remote assistance.

Wristbands, fully compliant

With standards in place to ensure the right care is provided to the right person, SimDay can help facilities comply with wristband label standards.
SimDay integrates with a wide variety of wristband printers with various wristband label structures.

Import pathology results

No more filing and scanning required. Have your pathology results delivered directly into SimDay. SimDay will link results to patient records and in the event it can’t match the result to a patient, admin staff will be able to manually allocate the result to a patient.
The pathology result is now permanently saved against the patient record, which can be accessed by the staff with access and can be printed off if required.